Hammond House!! Anne Arundel County

It’s a special privilege to search a site such as the Hammond House located in Anne Arundel County.  This property is rich with AA County history.  I was honored when asked to join this recovery effort, which proved to be a lot of fun and very productive for the Hammond House. We (Maryland Artifact Recovery Society)  recovered many items that will certainly be displayed for tours that occur daily.  Picker tokens were recovered along with Indian head pennies and so much more.  Take a look at the of the pictures that were taken.

Bring your history to life, let a Detectorist search your property.  Most will search your property for free, of course they will want to take pictures of their finds for their website, like MDFINDS.COM.  Your history could be in your hands tomorrow.

Barney Dolt (pictured on one knee) found their time capsule that will be opened Flag Day in June (6-14-2015).  Treat yourself, take a tour, you will love it.


Call to inquire 410-761-8801

Tim Lindsay


What’s in your backyard!?!?!?!?



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