Month: June 2014

Earth Tax

rock state

See what happens when you leave trash in the park. A guy like me comes along and picks up the trash only to find their donation/tax to the earth. Chances are they would have seen their money had they looked down and picked their trash up. I take that deal any day of the week.

Old House in Annapolis


I recently obtained approval from a construction contractor to hunt his properties (projects), which I believe is a really good connection for anyone that loves to metal detect.  The second I pulled into the driveway I knew this was going to be a good search.  The trees are very old and the timestamp on construction dates into the early 50’s.  First hit was under a tree (which is the first place I always check) and yes it was a stinking Lincoln penny but the afternoon got better with each dig.  Take a look above, I spent about an hour or two on this one and I will be returning a couple of times before construction is finished.  To be continued!!

When Dream Weaver comes back to work I will be racking up the hunts!

Video Coming Soon!!

Good news folks , by the end of the week I should be able to post videos to my blog.  Cant wait to capture my hunts on video and give everyone a closer look into metal detecting.


Other good new today, I spoke with a contractor and was able to obtain rights to hunt all his projects.  Headed out Saturday to hunt a home that was built in the 1950’s



U.S. Mint……………

Prior to 1980 Pennies were made up of copper, around 80% or so, after 1980 the U.S. Mint changed the penny’s content to 97.5% zinc & 2.5% copper. This may explain why I find so may coined chewed up by the earth. I hope this isn’t pointing toward what our country is really worth.

Biggest Find!!


I love this hobby more and more every day, and the main reason why, you never know what story you will discover tonight. So I have learned a few phrases used while metal detecting. One is a “pocket spill” and up to this point I have never came close to finding a pocket spill. At the top left you can see everything I found under the tree in picture #2, Is this truly a pocket spill or something else? Backing up a few hours, I’m tired after working a long stressful day for nothing much more than a headache, I get home around 3:00pm sit in the chair and think should I get my butt up and go have some fun for a little while. After thinking about where to go and riding around looking for a spot to hunt, I zero in on a spot I have been wanting to hunt for a while but have always hesitated for one reason or another. When arriving I parked in a shaded spot and hit the first tree that was closest to me. And bang my metal detector goes off like a 3 ring circus! I’m kind of thinking this detector has lost its mind tonight but nevertheless I drop to one knee and clear a little spot out right up against the tree and sure enough I hit a penny. With pin pointer in hand I start to scan the surface clearing sticks and leafs from around the tree and before I know it I have made the entire circle around the tree you see above. That one penny lead me to so many of his friends, for thirty minutes I was finding coin after coin and a few beer caps here and there. They were all about 1″ below the surface or right under the surface. Well, its thirty minutes later I stand up and look at my collection while picking two tics from my legs and thinking is this a pocket find or something else? Looking at the evidence and keep in mind this find is located right against a busy highway & a bunch stores with everything one needs for a Friday night let my hair down kind of night. After adding up all the facts like a wondering mind will do, I came to the conclusion that I more than likely hit the home of someone down or their luck and this is their resting area or where they put their butt after a long day of stress. So while I guess you could term this a pocket spill, I will not and like a true dirt fishermen, I will use the tag and release program. All items bagged and nailed to the tree. My pocket spill will come but for now I will call this my largest find ever.

Can’t wait for my next hunt!!

The Month Of May!!


This is not my entire collection for May 2014, I would call it 75% of May’s finds.  I started metal detecting this year (March) and love every door this hobby has opened for me.  The relaxation, exercise & mystery that every hunt brings excites me.  I’m 49yo and just getting started in this hobby, why did I waste so much time?  I have collected coins my entire life and history is a love of mine.  All the ingredients for metal detecting were right in front of my face early in life, if only I listened to the signs.  So to answer my own question, I don’t know. One thing for sure, I will not waste another day of my life, all my free time will go to metal detecting, and not golf like a lot of my older friends are into (Big $$$ Hobby).

So follow me through my journey in this hobby as I have so many great thoughts in mind as to where I can take this hobby.