Day: June 3, 2014

The Month Of May!!


This is not my entire collection for May 2014, I would call it 75% of May’s finds.  I started metal detecting this year (March) and love every door this hobby has opened for me.  The relaxation, exercise & mystery that every hunt brings excites me.  I’m 49yo and just getting started in this hobby, why did I waste so much time?  I have collected coins my entire life and history is a love of mine.  All the ingredients for metal detecting were right in front of my face early in life, if only I listened to the signs.  So to answer my own question, I don’t know. One thing for sure, I will not waste another day of my life, all my free time will go to metal detecting, and not golf like a lot of my older friends are into (Big $$$ Hobby).

So follow me through my journey in this hobby as I have so many great thoughts in mind as to where I can take this hobby.