4TH of July Weekend!!


I have been a number of places this weekend and enjoyed every minute of being out in the fresh air. Of course there a few down sides to metal detecting, one being the 5 ticks I fould on various parts of my body. I need a tick picker! Take a look at my weekend and see what you think.

ATpro users, I have a big question. I’ve got at the coins codes down, I’m falling short when it comes to locating the jewelery mother earth hold for all of us. Any help will be greatly appreciated……..






Earth Tax

rock state

See what happens when you leave trash in the park. A guy like me comes along and picks up the trash only to find their donation/tax to the earth. Chances are they would have seen their money had they looked down and picked their trash up. I take that deal any day of the week.

Old House in Annapolis


I recently obtained approval from a construction contractor to hunt his properties (projects), which I believe is a really good connection for anyone that loves to metal detect.  The second I pulled into the driveway I knew this was going to be a good search.  The trees are very old and the timestamp on construction dates into the early 50’s.  First hit was under a tree (which is the first place I always check) and yes it was a stinking Lincoln penny but the afternoon got better with each dig.  Take a look above, I spent about an hour or two on this one and I will be returning a couple of times before construction is finished.  To be continued!!

When Dream Weaver comes back to work I will be racking up the hunts!



U.S. Mint……………

Prior to 1980 Pennies were made up of copper, around 80% or so, after 1980 the U.S. Mint changed the penny’s content to 97.5% zinc & 2.5% copper. This may explain why I find so may coined chewed up by the earth. I hope this isn’t pointing toward what our country is really worth.